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Men’s Designer Clothing From Room 14 Menswear

Welcome to Room 14. Where we put the personal into exclusive.
We’re based in Ashton-Under-Lyne, but we travel the world to find you the very latest styles and fashions in casual, designer, men’s clothing.
Looking good is about finding the right clothes that suit your style. And that’s what we do here.

The Room 14 Personal Experience

We do casual menswear… So we keep things casual. We’re here to help you look good. For that night out, that special occasion, or just every day. It’s what we do, what we know, and what we love.
Come on down to our shop in Ashton, Greater Manchester, or shop online from wherever in the world you are. Have a browse, try something on, and ask what we think. Or just come down with some gossip and have a brew.
We’re a local place, with global ideas. We’ll always have our home here with our doors open. So pop in, and say hello!


In 2005, we had a thought. It was a simple enough thought, but one on which Room 14 was built. Fashion was boring.
Everywhere we went, it was the same old thing. There were no differences between the way men’s clothing brands and shops operated. There was no originality. And worse, there was no interest in the customer.
Basically, no-one seemed to care about helping men look good.
But we knew we could do things differently. We knew we could help people get excited about menswear.

Who We Are

Room 14 is Rowan and Caroline. We’ve worked in retail and in fashion. We’ve managed businesses and done the whole sales thing. But we had a belief in something different. Something better.
We knew what needed to be done, but no-one was doing it. So we took the plunge. We built Room 14 from the bottom up, booked our appointment with our first clothing brand, and off we went.
Soon, we were travelling across Manchester and the UK, the perfect fashion combo, discovering up and coming trends and changing attitudes about men’s designer clothing. And we stood out, because of our unique, friendly and personal approach.

What We Do

That’s what we do here at Room 14. We’re just ourselves. We provide that little personal touch when you come and visit us, either in person in Ashton, or online. We’re more than happy to answer any questions, make recommendations for you, and go out of our way to help you look great, for whatever occasion.
Our down to earth approach works across our brands too. We simply look for stylish good quality clothing, that will work for you. We value affordability and individuality, so we keep our collection small and exclusive, so that we can offer you the most personal experience.
We are that welcoming, friendly face, helping you get ready for a night out. That best friend offering their opinion on a new outfit. And that outstanding men’s clothing shop offering superb designer menswear.
We love our clothes, and we love our customers. Above all, we love seeing you happy.

8 Market Avenue, Ashton-under-Lyne

With over 20 years of trading, we have evolved into a leading independent retailer of ‘lifestyle’ labels. Store design is comparable to many city stores, and it is our strategy, through investment, to continue development of the store, creating the correct environment to support and promote leading collections.

22 Market Avenue, Ashton-under-Lyne
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